Local Jersey Artist Jarod Clemons Releases “In The Shadows”

Jarod Clemons is a singer songwriter on the Jersey Shore mostly rooted in rock. He plays with his band The Late Nights in the Asbury Park music scene. He has released a brand new track called “In The Shadows.” This song feels very introspective as Jarod is finding himself during the hard times we have all experienced lately. He sings a powerful line “feelings deep down make it so surreal.” I really enjoy about two minutes in when Jarod sings “Hold Tight” and the drums kick in. The transition into this beat gives us time to reflect on the song as the electric guitar tells a beautiful story of its own. Jarod finishes the song with his almost haunting falsetto that makes for an emotional finale.

You can find Jarod on Instagram: @jarodclemons And Twitter: @JarodAClemons



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