Luke Watterson Releases New Single Cold And Dry

Luke Watterson is a singer songwriter from Ireland. He has made a name for himself travelling the world and performing in Ireland, Scotland, England, The Netherlands and Germany. Influenced by artists such as Ray Charles, Nirvana, Queen, BB King , and also modern artists such as St Vincent and Meg Myers. He has released a brand new song called Cold And Dry. This song reminds me a lot of Lewis Capaldi with his hauntingly beautiful tone. Cold And Dry is a down tempo ballad with piano and strings that really bring this song to life. The chorus to me speaks in a lonely place of somewhat desperation to help comfort and ease the pain of his true love. He says “keep searching for me” He wants this person to know he truly cares and doesn’t want to be forgotten. Definitely keep Luke Watterson on your radar he has a lot of new music on the way. You can find him on instagram @wattersonluke

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