Artist Spotlight: Local Jersey Funk R&B Rock Fusion “Bryan Hansen Band “

Bryan Hansen Band is an award-winning adult alternative rock band located in New Jersey. Members include singer songwriter Bryan Hansen, William Blakey on Bass Guitar and Vocals, Cwan Merritt (Q) on Drums. They have made a name for themselves playing at venues all throughout the east and west coast. Bryan Hansen Band’s sound is a mix of funk, rock, soul and R&B with music influences from Stevie Wonder, Dave Matthews Band, John Mayer, Al Green and Victor Wooten.
They remind me of Maroon 5 however more soulful and funky. My personal favorite song is Diamonds from their 2019 album Gas Money. The tempo is very funky and reminded me of Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles. I also really love their 2016 album When You Stop Pulling Back which really brings out their bluesy sound and even some jazzy elements. Their energy is incredible, I could totally picture them playing on the streets in New Orleans. This band really brings back all the memories of live shows that we’ve all been missing. Keep this band on your radar, they are going places! For more updates you can follow them on Twitter and Instagram @Bryanhansenband

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