Mindspark releases debut single “The Lucid Dream”

Mindspark is a group of musicians from Slovenia and India. The band consists of Jerneja Medved vocals/guitar/keys, Duane Wilson on bass/vocals and Adriel Wilson on guitar and vocals. This track also features UK drummer and percussionist Camilla Perselli. They have just released their debut single today “The Lucid Dream.” I had picked this song because I was very impressed with how unique the music sounded. The music itself off the bat reminded me of the Grateful Dead with its eclectic style and sort of sweet psychedelic vibe. The guitar riffs are very catchy and melodic. I also enjoyed the acoustic guitar. The bass line is pretty groovy. Their voices really compliment each other well and the message of the song seems to talk about reflecting on the past and letting go. The song depicts a lucid dream that transcends into a spiritual awakening. Overall, a fantastic track from Mindspark.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MindSparkMusic/


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