Local Jersey Artist Jarod Clemons Releases “In The Shadows”

Jarod Clemons is a singer songwriter on the Jersey Shore mostly rooted in rock. He plays with his band The Late Nights in the Asbury Park music scene. He has released a brand new track called “In The Shadows.” This song feels very introspective as Jarod is finding himself during the hard times we have all experienced lately. He sings a powerful line “feelings deep down make it so surreal.” I really enjoy about two minutes in when Jarod sings “Hold Tight” and the drums kick in. The transition into this beat gives us time to reflect on the song as the electric guitar tells a beautiful story of its own. Jarod finishes the song with his almost haunting falsetto that makes for an emotional finale.

You can find Jarod on Instagram: @jarodclemons And Twitter: @JarodAClemons


Jersey Artist Kaymars Releases Powerful Single “Catharsis”

Kaymars is a brand new artist from New Jersey. Catharsis is the first song Kaymars has released and it’s quite an emotional ride from start to finish. All of the music and lyrics are composed by Kaymars. This song was mixed and mastered by her longtime friend Patrick. This song really caught me by surprise. The simplicity of this songwriter reminded me a lot of Mazzy Star. Definitely a 90’s vibe on this track which I love. Kaymars sings about sadness and loss but the listener is reassured when she repeats the words “I’ll Save Myself” which is a really powerful line that matches the build up of the song. Through all the darkness it has a positive message to keep pushing through. This song is the first release leading up to the EP to be released later this month. For updates and exclusive content you can find Kaymars on instagram/twitter/facebook @kaymarsss

Unconventional Jersey Singer-Songwriter Rory D’Lasnow releases powerful new single “Forgotten”

A few years ago I had first discovered Rory playing live at a songwriter showcase in New Hope, PA. He really has such a presence and confidence in his performing which I’m really glad I got to see in person. You can tell right off the bat the amount of passion he has put into his music. He has made a name for himself in the local scene performing at notable venues on the East Coast such as Knitting Factory, The Bowery Electric, Pianos, and Rockwood Music Hall to Revolution Music Hall on Long Island, and The Saint and Brighton Bar on the Jersey Shore. He has also had the honor of opening for featured headliners such as American Idol winner Lee DeWyze, actor/musician Drake Bell, and John Corabi of Motley Crue/Dead Daisies fame and has had songs licensed by MTV, NASCAR, and The Discovery Network. Rory recently put out a brand new track called “Forgotten” from his upcoming EP “Songs From An Empty Room.” This song is written from the perspective of a dying man who is trying to reconcile his affections for those he loves with the fact that he feels cast aside.

The vulnerability of this song and writing style reminds me a lot of City And Colour. His voice also slightly reminiscent of Matt Nathanson but definitely has his own unique sound. It’s important to note that Rory is a mental health counselor and was inspired by the tough circumstances he has come across while helping others. This also came from a very personal place as his dad has been battling health issues he has felt he has truly witnessed the fragility of life. This song has a calming effect a type of healing message that resonated with me. A very selfless song that talks about letting go and accepting the life we have been given. I really think a lot of people will relate to this beautiful song. 


Instagram: @rorydlasnow Facebook: @rorydlasnowmusic Twitter: @rorydlasnow

Single Review JEAN-Another Year

JEAN is a brand new alternative artist and producer from upstate NY. He first got inspired to write music listening to Jimi Hendrix and The Beatles. By listening to this song you can definitely hear his musical influences such as Death Cab For Cutie with his dark haunting melodies and intimate lyricism. This track is very reminiscent of Coldplay with the build up of the piano and drums into this dancey anthem. I think the theme of the song is very fitting with our current times, everything feels the same and we are constantly working on finding ourselves. JEAN is currently working on his debut album which will be available on all platforms in the weeks ahead. To keep up with JEAN you can follow him @jeantheanomaly on all socials If you’d like to know more about his background in music heres a link to Star Breaker Radio where he does an in depth interview!