Bukve releases debut single “Let Me Go Son”

Let me go Son” is BUKVE’s debut single. It’s a deeply personal song about letting a father go, not letting his death linger in his life anymore, and also speaking to his son; live your own life when you grow up, you don’t have to walk in my footsteps. It features vocals and steel guitar from the eminent talents of British Firewoodisland, and is produced and mixed by Stamos Koliousis. The song is mastered by Grammy winner Big Bass Brian Gardner (Dr. Dre, David Bowie etc). 

BUKVE is the solo project of songwriter Sveinung Fossan Bukve (Secret Treehouse, Vöödöö), who seeks the best for each of his songs, bringing in guests wherever guests are needed to get the best out of the song. The sound will vary in a familiar world of indie pop and alternative pop. A wide selection of collaborators will feature. A full debut album is in the making. BUKVE works closely with producer and friend, Stamos Koliousis, and it is all being visualized by Achilleas Gatospoulos, merging BUKVE’s great Great Grandmothers, Alvhild Fossan’s old drawings and paintings with glaciers, rivers and mountains, from where BUKVE’s family name origins from.The lyrics are very personal, and all music and lyrics are by BUKVE.

The song starts off very atmospheric and almost dream like. The arpeggiated steel guitar gave this song a kind of darkness. The vocals are very soft and beautiful. The background vocals were a nice touch and really brought out the depth of this tune. I love when the drums kick in adding momentum and emotion into the song. The lyrics repeat “let me go son you’re not alone” in a very comforting and soothing tone. I really enjoyed this one and I’m excited to hear more from this artist. For more updates on these artists follow @bukvemusic and @firewoodisland

Mindspark releases debut single “The Lucid Dream”

Mindspark is a group of musicians from Slovenia and India. The band consists of Jerneja Medved vocals/guitar/keys, Duane Wilson on bass/vocals and Adriel Wilson on guitar and vocals. This track also features UK drummer and percussionist Camilla Perselli. They have just released their debut single today “The Lucid Dream.” I had picked this song because I was very impressed with how unique the music sounded. The music itself off the bat reminded me of the Grateful Dead with its eclectic style and sort of sweet psychedelic vibe. The guitar riffs are very catchy and melodic. I also enjoyed the acoustic guitar. The bass line is pretty groovy. Their voices really compliment each other well and the message of the song seems to talk about reflecting on the past and letting go. The song depicts a lucid dream that transcends into a spiritual awakening. Overall, a fantastic track from Mindspark.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MindSparkMusic/


Annie Foxx releases debut single “Blood Runs Cold”

Annie Foxx has just released her debut single Blood Runs Cold. She is a brand new artist inspired by artists such as Bishop Briggs and Billie Eilish. This song was a collaboration with Nashville songwriter/producer Austin Bianco. They had both watched Peaky Blinders during quarantine and were inspired by Thomas Shelby’s character. Thomas Shelby is a very complex character that gives off a cold and callous mentality and confidence essentially in order to survive and to escape his dark past. I could definitely picture this song in the Peaky Blinders soundtrack. Blood Runs Cold has a really nice pop beat but also has an edgy alternative vibe to it. Annie Foxx’s powerhouse vocals really carry this song. I love the attitude of this song it reminds me of Believer by Imagine Dragons. Also reminds me of Dark Horse by Katy Perry. The song is very well produced and comes together really nicely. The lyrics “Let the crazy burn right out of the cage load it up and let it fire away” lead me to believe this person has a lot of rage inside and is ready to let it all out. This all builds up to the chorus where Annie sings “Take what I want I’m about to explode”. However she’s been through this struggle and they’re ready to let go and take control. You can keep up with Annie Foxx on IG and Twitter @anniefoxxmusic

Young Josiah releases debut single “Breakfast At Tiffany’s”

Young Josiah was born in San Antonio, Texas and currently lives in in Tallahassee, Florida. He is a brand new artist that started writing music during the pandemic to pass the time and ended up falling in love with the songwriting process. One of his biggest influences in music is Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody which I found really interesting. He has released a new song called Breakfast At Tiffany’s. This is a really catchy fun tune. As a foodie lover I really enjoyed all the selections on the menu. His flow is really smooth and natural reminded me a little bit of Big Sean. I also really enjoyed the animated music video of the song which brought interesting visuals to the story. Young Josiah is working on a few upcoming projects. The first album is called Changes it will be a 12 song storytelling visual video album. The second album is called Crockpot Fusion which is a multi genre rap rock infused album. Young Josiah’s goal is to make unique music that will inspire generations to come. To stay updated with Young Josiah you can follow him on Instagram @youngjosiah_bgkghost

Artist Spotlight: Local Jersey Funk R&B Rock Fusion “Bryan Hansen Band “

Bryan Hansen Band is an award-winning adult alternative rock band located in New Jersey. Members include singer songwriter Bryan Hansen, William Blakey on Bass Guitar and Vocals, Cwan Merritt (Q) on Drums. They have made a name for themselves playing at venues all throughout the east and west coast. Bryan Hansen Band’s sound is a mix of funk, rock, soul and R&B with music influences from Stevie Wonder, Dave Matthews Band, John Mayer, Al Green and Victor Wooten.
They remind me of Maroon 5 however more soulful and funky. My personal favorite song is Diamonds from their 2019 album Gas Money. The tempo is very funky and reminded me of Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles. I also really love their 2016 album When You Stop Pulling Back which really brings out their bluesy sound and even some jazzy elements. Their energy is incredible, I could totally picture them playing on the streets in New Orleans. This band really brings back all the memories of live shows that we’ve all been missing. Keep this band on your radar, they are going places! For more updates you can follow them on Twitter and Instagram @Bryanhansenband

Luke Watterson Releases New Single Cold And Dry

Luke Watterson is a singer songwriter from Ireland. He has made a name for himself travelling the world and performing in Ireland, Scotland, England, The Netherlands and Germany. Influenced by artists such as Ray Charles, Nirvana, Queen, BB King , and also modern artists such as St Vincent and Meg Myers. He has released a brand new song called Cold And Dry. This song reminds me a lot of Lewis Capaldi with his hauntingly beautiful tone. Cold And Dry is a down tempo ballad with piano and strings that really bring this song to life. The chorus to me speaks in a lonely place of somewhat desperation to help comfort and ease the pain of his true love. He says “keep searching for me” He wants this person to know he truly cares and doesn’t want to be forgotten. Definitely keep Luke Watterson on your radar he has a lot of new music on the way. You can find him on instagram @wattersonluke

Local Jersey Artist Jarod Clemons Releases “In The Shadows”

Jarod Clemons is a singer songwriter on the Jersey Shore mostly rooted in rock. He plays with his band The Late Nights in the Asbury Park music scene. He has released a brand new track called “In The Shadows.” This song feels very introspective as Jarod is finding himself during the hard times we have all experienced lately. He sings a powerful line “feelings deep down make it so surreal.” I really enjoy about two minutes in when Jarod sings “Hold Tight” and the drums kick in. The transition into this beat gives us time to reflect on the song as the electric guitar tells a beautiful story of its own. Jarod finishes the song with his almost haunting falsetto that makes for an emotional finale.

You can find Jarod on Instagram: @jarodclemons And Twitter: @JarodAClemons